Week 2 Blog 2.2

The tools that seem most relevant are tools that provide engagement to the learner. When I think of engagement the tools that come to mind are items like FlipGrid, Wakelet, Padlet, etc. They allow the student to converse with one another, but not necessarily in a face to face format. Additionally, study tool items such… Continue reading Week 2 Blog 2.2

Blog Post 2.1

Depending on the context the internet can be used as a productivity tool. However, with that being said I do think the internet has become quite a distraction. The fact that the internet is so readily available to us with the use of a smartphone the productivity value has gone down. When I think of… Continue reading Blog Post 2.1

Blog Post 1: Defining Ed Tech & Origins

My definition of educational technology is “technology that usually helps facilitate collaboration in an active learning environment” (Top Hat, n.d., para. 2). This definition stood out to me because of the word usually. It does not claim that all technology will be beneficial or easy to use. The connections I make to historical and philosophical… Continue reading Blog Post 1: Defining Ed Tech & Origins

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